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15 Habits Known To Increase Productivity

By on November 12, 2015

Some of these are obvious. An organized space helps keep an organized mind. But keep reading.

by   (  15 Habits That Will Totally Transform Your Productivity


People who manage to get a lot accomplished each day aren’t super human, they’ve just mastered a few simple habits. Some may be easy to guess: Keep your desk organized and aim for around eight hours of sleep a night. But others, like taking a mid-day nap or complaining, might surprise you.


Here are 15 easy ways to make every day more productive:

1. Declutter your desk.


Messy work space:

Creativity may arise from chaos, but a litter-strewn office probably isn’t helping you get stuff done. “Attention is programmed to pick up what’s novel,” says Josh Davis, director of research at the NeuroLeadership Institute and author of Two Awesome Hours. Visible files remind you of unfinished tasks. An unread book is temptation for procrastination. Even if you don’t think you’re noticing the disorder, it hurts your ability to focus.

Tidy work space:

People with neat offices are more persistent and less frustrated and weary, according to a recent study in Harvard Business Review, which found that a clean desk helps you stick with a task more than one and a half times longer. “While it can be comforting to relax in your mess, a disorganized environment can be a real obstacle,” says Grace Chae, a professor at Fox School of Business at Temple University and coauthor of the study.

2. Be part of the 20%.

No matter how crazy your days get, make sure you carve out and ruthlessly protect just 90 minutes—20% of an eight-hour day—for the most important tasks. “Even if you squander the remaining 80% of the day, you can still make great progress if you have spent 90 minutes on your goals or priorities,” says Charlotte, North Carolina–based productivity coach Kimberly Medlock.

3. Work less.

Think you can get more done by tacking on extra hours? According to a 2014 study by Stanford professor John Pencavel, who………

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