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2 Ways to Open Your Heart

By on August 24, 2015
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Open your mind and open your heart. Let love in and you will be better in so many ways.

by Lissa Rankin MD from her blog

Take a moment and do a little exercise with me, if you feel inspired to do so.

1. Consider someone you really loved and lost. Remember the feel of that person, the joy he or she evoked in you. Pull up a memory of how you felt when you were together. Then find the memory of how it felt to feel them slipping away from you. Maybe a beloved parent or child or spouse died. Maybe you finally met the love of your life, but he couldn’t stay in the presence of such intense intimacy, and he left. Find the grief of losing that person. Really feel it. Locate it in your body. Feel where you contract, the intense pain of the loss. Do you feel it?

2. Now let’s switch gears. Find a memory of an encounter you had with magnificent beauty—the mountain just coming into view at daybreak, the cheetah that saunters into your awareness like a courtesan on your African safari, the whale that breeches right in front of you and smacks his tail, causing great ripples across the ocean, the sight of Machu Picchu at dawn. Think of something magical that happened in your life, something you can’t quite explain with your rational mind. Locate the feeling you have when you discover that plants can actually sing when you hook them up to synthesizers, suggesting that plants really are conscious beings. Feel what you feel when you realize that someone telepathically connected to you in order to meet your needs. Take in what it really means when you listen to Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer tell the story of…….

Lissa will stretch you in the rest of her article. She also has a gratitude exercise. Click here to Read on.