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3 Ways to Feel Less Lonely

By on August 18, 2015
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I am an introvert. I have learned that this is not a bad thing. I can be proud of who I am. I can make a contribution that is worthy and I have friends that appreciate me.

I often have to reach out to them because they get busy or I get busy. I don’t let myself even think about having my feelings be hurt. That is just a waste of time and I am in control of my feelings. I decided a while ago that the things that will not be remembered 100 years from now, should not be remembered tomorrow if they are going to ruin my day. It is just not worth it.

Being an introvert can be a challenge. Reaching out can be hard but it is worth it. Here are a couple of ways to make it easier.

by the Staff of ( Some people just have the touch. They make new friends wherever they go. Their breezy confidence is a friend-magnet. The last time they felt awkward in a social setting was…never.

For many of us, though, making friends isn’t easy. But there’s hope. You’re here, right? So you must want to meet new people or learn the best way to make new friends and social connections. Maybe you’re lonely, or you need an ally to brave the ups and downs, or perhaps you just want to sit next to someone you know when you go to the movies.

There’s tons of scientific research that says practically nothing is more important to your well-being than connecting with other people. Friends offer support in times of stress. They boost our optimism, confidence, and willingness to try new things, plus they’re great buffers against anxiety and depression. So here are three strategies for meeting new people and making new friends:

Take a Smiling Walk

A great way to boost your social interaction experience is to take a “smiling” walk. The next time you go out, make a point to smile at others. Don’t just smile at passerby–smile at your coworkers, the deli guy, or even the mailman. Smiling is a proactive behavior which solicits a reaction. Studies show that the more a person smiles during a conversation, the more friendly that person will be perceived to be, and the more favorable response that person will get from the receiving end.

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