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4 Secrets a Dream Catcher Should Know

By on August 28, 2015

Have you Caught Your Dream and now are afraid of what to do with it. Here are four things to be aware of as you are starting this new journey. And don’t forget. Have Fun!

by Aimee Bernstein ( Mindvalley)

As is my practice, I began to internally map out the road — energetically, psychologically and physically — as I moved forward to catch my dream.

Now, five months into my journey, here’s what I’ve discovered so far….

1. Be open to experiences.

Some people’s dreams have been clear from an early age, but if you are like most of us, it sneaks up like a shadow.

At first you may not see, hear or even want it, but when you finally allow yourself to feel it, you know you must have it. Once you decide that you are going to go for your dream, you feel pumped up, passionate and on fire.

Energy principle: Whenever there is a job or task to do, energy in the amount needed to achieve the job, streams though your mind/body system. If you open and align to it, you experience high performance, joy and aliveness. If you close to it, you feel discomfort, distress, and over time, disease.

2. Focus your attention inward.

Although you realize at the start of your journey that there is more energy swirling through your mind/body system than is your norm, you feel on point, centered and alive. However, somewhere — usually not that far from the starting gate — you notice you’re so focused on all the………….

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