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4 Strategies For Happiness by a Neuroscience Researcher

By on February 5, 2016

How to BE HAPPY! 

We all want to be happy but How?

It is a decision.

Here are 4 ways to get there.

4 processes to go from the mullygrubs to happy in a few minutes is you allow yourself to. If one does not work, try the next one till you get there.


Read on try it if you don’t believe me.

by Eric Barker (

You get all kinds of happiness advice on the internet from people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Don’t trust them.

Actually, don’t trust me either. Trust neuroscientists. They study that gray blob in your head all day and have learned a lot about what truly will make you happy.

UCLA neuroscience researcher Alex Korb some insights that can create an upward spiral of happiness in your life.

Here’s what you and I can learn from the people who really have answers:

1. The most important question to ask when you feel down

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like your brain wants you to be happy. You may feel guilty or shameful. Why?

Believe it or not, guilt and shame activate the brain’s reward center.

Via The Upward Spiral:

Despite their differences, pride, shame, and guilt all activate similar neural circuits, including the….

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