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5 Costs of Clutter

By on January 28, 2016
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Clutter Affects Us Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually

There are many costs of clutter.

Here are a few.

The comments below this article are worth reading also because they have some ways to declutter which are helpful and encouraging.

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by Blogger: allexandramiles  (  

Stress is believed to be the prime reason for various types of diseases these days. However, clutter is rarely considered as a cause of stress, although it has a huge influence over the way we feel about ourselves, our homes and offices. Cluttered spaces lead to numerous adverse effects on the people – helplessness, anxiety and tension.

But why does mess cause us stress? What steps should we take to avoid the bad consequences of living in clutter? Read on to find out.

Clutter gives us a feeling that our work is never finished

Watching and living in a room which is constantly messy leads to a feeling of incompleteness – each item which is not placed in its original space is one more task in our to-do list. The more these items are, the more tasks in the list. At the end, our brain is overloaded.

The solution: Every time you use something, put it back in its designated place right after you’re done with it. It is not so easy to do, that’s why you should be persistent and dedicated to the cause.

Clutter hinders our mental and physical relaxation

When our homes get messy we have this feeling that things are out of control. It immediately affects our…..

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