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5 Fears Mentally Strong People Face Head-On

By on September 25, 2015
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Some say Fears should be overcome.

Some say to feel your fear and understand it so it serves you.

I think both are correct in some regard.

John Assaraf has a program that uses the newest Brain technology to help us use our Fears. Click Here for a Link to his Webinar for more great information. 

Also check out this article.

by Amy Morin (Psychology Today)    Mentally Stong People Don’t Run From Discomfort.

Mentally people experience many of the same fears as everyone else. But rather than avoid the things that cause them discomfort, they strive to conquer their fears. They’re willing to tolerate anxiety-provoking situations in an effort to accomplish bigger and better feats.

Here are five common fears that mentally strong people face head-on:

1. The fear of failure.

Failure can cause you to develop inaccurate conclusions about yourself. If your business venture fails, you may decide, “I wasn’t meant to be an entrepreneur.” Or, if you don’t get that promotion you applied for, you might think, “I shouldn’t be a leader.” But failure doesn’t have to be the end of the road.

Mentally strong people are willing to risk failure over and over again. They use failure as an opportunity to gain more knowledge. Then, armed with more wisdom than before, they’re willing to try again. They know that failure is an important part of the journey toward success.

2. The fear of rejection.

Whether you’re asking for a raise, or you make that phone call that could advance your career, there’s always a chance you could be rejected. And for many people, the fear of rejection causes them to……

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I do get credit if you check out John Assaraf’s video so I want to be honest with you. I listen to one of his audios every day. It has helped me tremendously.