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5 Good Yoga Poses to Ease Jet Lag

By on August 28, 2015

I am going on a trip soon and went to a to check out his website. I saw this on his slider at the top of his page and when I clicked on it, the site goofed and took me directly to the page. I went back so I could tell Tom that his website was not working correctly and this article was not referenced anywhere that I could find on his website. The link was not there. It did not exist. I believe God wanted me to see this article. What do you think?

by: Jenna Saunders (

Whether your trip is a couple of days, a couple of weeks, or a couple of months, travel does a number on both your energy and your body. It often takes your mind and body longer to “arrive” at your destination, which leads to jet lag. Your energy shifts, your rhythm is off, and your body’s fatigued.Yoga can help. You don’t have to dive in full force but there are a few easy poses you can do almost anywhere to help ease some common symptoms of jet lag and help you to feel fresh, healthy, and ready to explore your destination. You can do these poses in a hotel room, during a long layover at the airport, or even at a local park. No mat required.

Sukhasana (Comfortable Seated Pose)

Why Sukhasana? Give yourself a break. Sukhasana is a gentle pose that allows you to take a moment of silence to get acquainted with your new environment. When traveling, you accumulate air and movement in the body and mind. This pose helps you to feel rooted and grounded, so you can help acclimate your body to its new surroundings. This pose helps to calm the mind, strengthen your back, and gently open your hips, which often feel tight after a long day of travel.

How to do it: Sit comfortably with both sit bones rooted into the ground. Cross your legs at your shins. Root your sit bones into the earth and draw the crown of your head to the sky to maintain a straight spine. Relax your shoulder blades down your back. Gently place your hands on your thighs either palms up to open and receive energy or palms down to ground and center inward. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Variation: If your hips feel tight and your knees are higher than your waist, sit on a folded blanket or towel. You can also do this pose sitting against a wall for back support.

Supine Thread-the-Needle Pose

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