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5 Healing Meditation Techniques for the Wandering Mind

By on August 29, 2015

Meditation can be difficult. Especially for a Vatas or those of us whose mind can’t seem to stay on task. I repeat a Bible verse and that helps. I hope you can accept me as I accept you. You repeat whatever resonates with you.

by: Leo Carver( Some people naturally have trouble concentrating, but Vatas especially tend to have a difficult time. With a predominance of air and space, Vatas usually have more trouble grounding themselves than other doshas. Vatas are known to be creative, communicative, changeable, quick, and spontaneous, none of which are particularly helpful when it comes to centering. Meditation yields so many benefits once you make a true practice of it. However, it involves releasing the mental chatter and being still, two very difficult things for Vatas to do. Even Pittas and Kaphas have trouble sitting still at certain times.So what do you do if you’ve tried to meditate and find it difficult?In truth, meditation is beneficial even when you don’t think it is. The effort itself is a worthy pursuit, and eventually it becomes easier. By witnessing your inner world and bringing awareness to your thoughts, no matter how random or continuous, you are expanding your consciousness. So don’t fret at what may feel like wasted effort. The Chopra Center teaches that you may experience any of four things during meditation, and all of them are worthwhile. You will either: – See more at this link.

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