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5 Real Reasons to Get Massages

By on August 17, 2015

I get a massage every week and it helps me with my Fibromyalgia. Amongst other things. My therapist has Fibro also so she knows where the pressure points are that make the most difference. I worked out a trade with my Therapist so I could afford them. Kristen even gives you a different suggestion at the end if you don’t think you can add another thing to your budget.

by Kristen Michaelis (

Getting a massage shouldn’t be a luxury. Because of the obvious benefits of massage therapy, I believe that massages should be part of routine life — for absolutely everyone.

About a year ago, my mother gifted me with dozens (literally dozens!) of extra massages from a membership-based massage chain. I’d never had routine massages before this. Instead, I’d only gotten massages as one-off, special-occasion gifts from loved ones. But armed with the opportunity to get a weekly massage, I took full advantage.

Now I’m addicted.

Let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t be?

I get to be fully-relaxed, experience my normally-tense muscles turning into jelly, and step into a zen-like meditative state that floods me with affirming feelings of self-care and happiness.

But massage therapy is about more than just relaxation & pain management, and the benefits are legion.

Here are just a few.

Unexpected Benefit of Massage Therapy #1 — Perspective and Clarity

It’s rather simple. If I walk into a massage dragging a suitcase full of emotionally draining and confounding energy behind me, I walk out knowing exactly what to do to relieve myself of that burden.

I can guess at dozens of reasons why this is so. It may be that the because the massage releases endorphins (your body’s natural feel-good hormone), I’m able to feel well enough to distance myself from the tangled emotional baggage and thus give myself the mental distance to “solve” the problem.

It may be that because I’m so physically relaxed during massage therapy, I can emotionally “relax” as well and let go of my psychological burdens.

Who knows?

What I do know is that I always walk out of a massage therapy session feeling like I’ve gained a bit of wisdom, despite the fact that I’m not using the session like a confessional and instead choosing to remain silent with my massage therapist.

Unexpected Benefit of Massage Therapy #2 — Greater Energy

I never take naps. That’s because when I do, I wake up feeling even more tired than I did when I fell asleep.

Surprisingly, a massage therapy session has the opposite effect. I walk out feeling energized. Again, I’m not sure exactly why this is so. Perhaps it’s that release of endorphins again? Perhaps the massage is giving me the quintessential “runner’s high” but without the running?

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