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5 Things to Address to Reverse Just About Any Illness

By on August 26, 2015
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Chronic Health Issues are common for many of us. Dr. Mercola is an expert in both traditional and natural medicine. He also has a video on this subject, so if you prefer, just click on the link below and it is on the page that you will be sent to. This article may not go into the depth that you need, but his website is amazing when it comes to the physical side of healing.

By Dr. Mercola (
Life is a journey and for most of us health is an important part of that journey, because if you have health challenges your ability to manifest your passions will be seriously impaired.

One of my primary passions is health, which is one of the reasons I went to medical school. But that was only a start, as most of what I have learned about optimizing health occurred long after my medical school graduation over 30 years ago.

After three decades of managing patients from all over the world and reviewing hundreds of thousands of studies, I have reached some conclusions about how to avoid or reverse most any disease you………

To read the rest of the article or to get to his video, click here.