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6 Unconventional Blues Destroyers

By on January 5, 2016
101112-tech-dog%20shake_by Andrew Dickerson Andrew Dickerson

Shake Blues Off!

Who doesn’t want to get rid of the blues?

The article starts out kind of depressing so I skipped part of it and jumped down to the good stuff. I hope the author doesn’t get offended.

I never knew, until I was older , that my mood is controlled by me!

Imagine that.

She made me sad.

He made me angry!

Those were things that were said at my house.


I don’t have to listen to that nonsense!

Neither do You!

Here are some things You can do to help you change your mood yourself and enjoy life. I especially like the one about dancing.

Have you ever danced around the house by yourself?

Try it now.

If there is someone there, dance around them. Let them wonder what is up with you. Smile at them. Give them a big grin, and laugh when they look confused.

Yes, you have a secret and you don’t have to tell them.

It is fun. Be mysterious.

And shake those blues away.


by Staci Lerch-Moist (

These are just the six things that actually help boost my spirits when I’m sad, down, angry or just plain grumpy:

1) Write it Out.

I keep a gratitude journal where I force myself to write three things that I’m thankful for every single day. Looking through all the great things in my life helps lift my spirits, and helps me remember happier times. If I’m bummed for a specific reason or about a particular situation, I write out my frustrations. The paper doesn’t judge, offer advice or gossip about my insecurities. It just sits there calmly while I pour out my heart. Sometimes I tear up my paper as a form of overcoming my sadness. Other times it ends up on elephant journal.

2) Dance, Baby, Dance.

Deep down, I’m still a teenager overflowing with angst. Blaring some emo like Sleeping with Sirens or Falling in Reverse while I jump up and down and sing to my cats helps me release all………….. 

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