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About me

hello I am Alexa Sellens Harrelson and I have been depressed.  Boring.  and I am the founder of Emotional Fuel.  You might ask, why.

Writing this out is harder than I thought. I am working on it. Please be patient with me. 🙂


Dreams. Goals. I didn’t have any for a while.

What you see here is what became of me when I decided to reinvent myself. At 51 years of age, I started asking myself and anyone who would listen, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

I had lost touch with my friends due to depression and grief. I realized that it was my fault so I slowly began to reach out to them.

They responded happily.

I responded with a sigh of relief.

I was afraid that they had written me off.

If you are in the same place, write a list of all of the friends you used to have. Think carefully about each one. You have a wonderful oportunity here. Did they lift you up or bring you down? When you left their company, did you feel encouraged or frustrated? Who put more effort into the relationship? Was it equal? Is it really worth it, to reestablish this friend?   Reach out the the one person who made you feel the best and make an effort to give that gift back to them. Ask them out to lunch or icecream or coffee, etc.   If that person is too busy, then go to the next top person on the list. Do not get discouraged. It is ok. You were too busy for a while also. This is huge. If you did this, the give yourself a huge pat on the back.

Later, I will talk about eliminating friends that are not really friends. That was a tough one. If it is really bad, it is called co-dependency. I will have to find an article on that. Look under Categories for the tag and click on it.

There are many ways to go through a difficult place. I have gone through divorce, loosing my mother, watching my Father turn 88, 3 suicides, depression since a young age, and the sudden death of my soul-mate. Yours may be different or similar.

I want to help you to never go as low as I did. I want you to use the strategies that I have developed and some that I have found that keep me from going back to that dark place.

That place where I was stuck.

You may just be stuck in a rut.

Not really depressed but just not going anywhere. There are messages for you here, too.

Messages of hope and motivation.

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