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This blog is to share more indepth the trials tribulations and triumphs of Alexa Harrelson.

I will give you tips on how I stay out of the mullygrubs. (I love that word. It makes me smile when I use it) And how I mess up.

Newsflash. I’m human.

And how we can help each other stay healthy and happy.

It is not meant to be used instead of a Dr. or a shrink. They are professionals. Use them.

It is meant to encourage and motivate you to keep going.

When I was in bed for 6 months after I lost my husband, I did not see a reason to keep going. I am here to tell you that there is a reason for your being here and that You can find Joy again.

When I got a divorce, I had my children to live for, so I had to keep going. I had someone to get up for  in the morning. They needed me. In some ways it was easier. In some ways, it was easier to ignor the issues and then they added up and added up until I almost had a breakdown. You may be able to understand that.

Suicide of my sister-in-law was a  trial that no one should have to go through. I had been told for years that I was just like her. I asked myself if I would be able to do what she did? Would I? They said I was just like her. Should I? The questions would not stop. Until I got mad and stood up to myself and yelled, “STOP!”

It never occured to me that I had control over my thoughts. They just came. Like the weather.

But that is wrong.

I control my thoughts and I control my life.


What a concept.

That may not seem like a big thing, but it is the start of a journey.