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Are you Anticipating Greatness?

By on August 17, 2015
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We often look at the dark side instead of the beautiful. Wondering why we are not on top of the world when we are in the mullygrubs. Read on to find a way to look at the good and get back to the beautiful. You decide what you think. Latch on to what makes you happy and kick out the other stuff.

A smart man once told me that I can not control a bird flying over my head but It is a problem if I let it create a nest in my hair. Bad thoughts are like that.


Anticipate Greatness

Heavenletter #5380 Published on: August 17, 2015

God said:

One moment you feel that you love too much, more than most. You are certain that you know how to love deeply, and, then, your heart is too often rubbed the wrong way, even assaulted and betrayed.

And then the next moment you despair of ever truly loving at all. You may feel you have never loved, and that you never will know how to love as other people seem to do, have happy marriages and savor every moment of life rather than be dismayed.

You don’t want to realize that you don’t know to love. You don’t like to realize that the moments you believe you love you are pulling the wool over your eyes.

Then sometimes you say to yourself:

“If this world I live in is a story-land anyway, what does any of it matter? What is the use of it anyway? Story with a happy ending, or muddled story, or deeply unhappy story, what does it matter? All a dream.”

Even as you ask your despairing questions and trivialize your life, you know that life is important. It is painfully important, for love is the Holy Grail you seek from the depth and height and breadth of your heart.

You don’t care if all of life is a fairytale. Why can’t you live a fairytale that dreams are made of? You must have it. You must have this at least once in your lifetime and at once.

You are fine with many others living this fine and wonderful dream, only you want it too. You are sorry for sad unhappy and bitter people who feel that life passed them by. You have great compassion for them, yet with all the power of God within you, you don’t want to be one of them even as you fear you are.

You are sure that life is meant to be more than disillusion and disappointment. Your life went by the wayside, and you, after all, aren’t all you wanted to be either.

Beloved Children, think a different way. Your life holds……

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