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Ask Me About Grief

By on October 10, 2015
by Julia Caesar- photo-1429277005502-eed8e872fe52 Photo by Julia Caesar

I, too, know grief.

It doesn’t visit me every hour, like it used to.

But it sometimes haunts my sleep and leaves me lonely.

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Khalil Gibran, a Lebanese artist, writer and philosopher wrote a book of 26 prose poetry essays in 1923 called The Prophet.

The style on his book was a commentary. The prophet in the book is asked to speak and give his truths to the village before he heads away to sea.

The villagers ask, “Speak to us of love? Speak to us of Freedom! Speak to us of Time? Speak to us of Joy and Sorrow!”

The book is a collection of his reflections on each question prosed by the people.

It is beautiful and tantalizing and powerful.

I have been grieving for 22 days the death of a friend, twin flame and partner.

I found myself writing a 20th century version of my pain one night.

If the world were to yell, “Speak to us of grief,” this would be my reply.


“Speak to us of grief!” they yell.

The night catches their words and freezes them.

The world falls silently to their knees.

“Grief…” she begins, then continues.

“Grief hits you in the heart as hard as love. A real love, a love that shows up and grabs your entire spirit and drags you over mountains and rivers into the abyss of time. Grief numbs you. It makes you wish you were not alive.

It will make you—for the first time in your life—look forward to the day you die, so you may hold hands—

To finish reading her prose, Click Here.


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