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Balancing a Stressful Moment

By on November 17, 2015

Staying in the present can be difficult when we are in a stressful situation. Our brain has a tendency to go back to those situations where things did not go well or to the future possibilities of how it might go wrong. Neither of these are helpful on their own.

Try this technique to stay in the present and make a better decision when you are stressed next time. Here are the reasons, why.

by Elisha Goldstein, PhD (
Happiness: It’s Like This…and This Too 

Ajahn Chah was the spiritual teacher to many leading mindfulness teachers. He had a wonderful saying when it comes to being present in life, “It’s like this.” This saying always stuck with me as a great truth and a way to bring me back to the moment when my mind was spinning due to something stressful or difficult. In 2011, I realized that not only is “it like this,” but my mind would quickly begin swimming again and I would then say, “ah, and this too.” When I said, “and this too,” it brought be back once again to being here.

However, recently I found a new, practical and powerful use for the phrase, “It’s like this…and this too” that has everything to do with cultivating perspective and happiness.

It’s like this…

There’s nothing like an uncomfortable emotion of negative stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, shame, guilt or disgust to get the head spinning. It’s natural, the brain is trying to figure out how to balance us. So it jumps to the future thinking of……

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