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Coconut Oil and Alzheimers

By on September 15, 2015
coconut 8097752061_ebcc2b0f87_m by Coconut Oil Care on Flickr

Can coconut oil really help? Why not try it and see. It can’t hurt according to this study. It is the good kind of fat.

by Lorie Johnson (CBN News)

TAMPA, Fla. – An estimated 5.4 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and that number is expected to increase exponentially as baby boomer generation enters their golden years.

But for some people, coconut oil has proven to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and may have even prevented it.

One of those people is Steve Newport, whose Alzheimer’s has slowed considerably. Some of his symptoms even reversed, thanks to…..

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