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Collecting Rainwater Illegal?

By on February 5, 2016

Collection of Rainwater is Illegal in some states.

Apparently so.

Gary Harrington went to jail for it.

And his main purpose is for fire suppression.

Does the state have nothing better to do? It is his own land. It is not hurting anyone. Why do people have to meddle?

Read and see what you think and then leave me a comment.

by Matt Hickman (

I’ve taken a look at some mighty impressive rainwater collection systems in the past, but it appears that Gary Harrington, 64, takes the proverbial cake when it comes to hoarder-esque rainwater collection activities: over the years, the Oregon resident has built three massive reservoirs — in actuality, they’re more like proper man-made ponds — on his 170-acre property on Crowfoot Road in rural Eagle Point that hold roughly 13 million gallons of rainwater and snow runoff. That’s enough agua to fill about 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Of course, it boggles the mind as to what a single man needs that much rainwater for. One would assume that Harrington is reusing it both for irrigation purposes and for non-potable indoor use as well, which, unlike in many states, is permitted in Oregon. But 13 million gallons?

Apparently Harrington, who has stocked at least one of the reservoirs with largemouth bass and built docks around it, believes that his watery stash is a much-needed necessity when wildfires pop up in the area……

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