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Did Jesus Misquote the Bible?

By on August 27, 2015

Some people get all freaked out about mistakes in the Bible. Really?

Do you know of anyplace where 39 people can write over 1500 years and still get it perfect? Well, God did. There you go. That is a miracle. I don’t think I can get 3 Bible people together in the same room and have them agree and write a book, let alone 39.

Andrew Wilson does a nice job of explaining two of the most argued over problems that people have with the Bible and making it simple. It really isn’t a problem. Think. Dig a little deeper and you will see also why it might look like Jesus misquoted the old testament but He was really telling a story and getting a point across. He is amazing that way.

by Andrew Wilson (

All of us are tempted on occasion to approach biblical tensions—texts that seem to contradict each other—in flippant or offhand ways. At one end of the spectrum are skeptics who reduce tensions to textual incoherence and human invention. On the other are those with more evangelical commitments, who desperately trawl books and websites to harmonize mismatching texts. Once they find one, they sigh and move on as if the tension has nothing to teach us. The “problem” has been “resolved.”

But if we want to take Scripture seriously, we must ask why tensions exist in the first place. Why did the Holy Spirit—who inspired Scripture—cause these discrepant texts to be written? What do they reveal? And…………..

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Christianity Today, September 2015, Vol. 59, No. 7, Pg 28, “Did Jesus Get the Bible Wrong?”