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Do We Need Bible Study?

By on September 10, 2015

Bible studies are great. I have two definitions, though.

  1. A book that you go through to study the Bible with.
  2. A group of people that you study with.

This article is talking about the studying part. The great thing about going through a book is that it give you structure. Please be careful, my friend. Some of these studies are put out by people who do not really understand the Bible. It is up to you to compare what they say to what the Bible says and what the Holy Spirit is telling you is correct. That is why it is sooooo important to start out every study with a prayer that Jesus will lead you and that He will point out the things that He wants you to learn.

I like to study in a group because it gives me other people’s opinion and gives me balance. God says to fellowship with the believers and this is part of the reason.

Here are some things you might experience during a study group:

We share our prayer requests.

  1. One group had us just write them down and the person who led the prayer read them. It saved time.
  2. Another group decided not to share them ahead of time. We just opened up in prayer and everyone was encouraged to pray out loud their concern and we all silently prayerfully agreed. This way it was only said once. (not twice like when it is said at the time of asking for the prayer request and a second time during the prayer.)

We share our testimonies about what God has done for us that week. Every week. This way we begin to look for His work, His blessings, every day. It is there, but we often do not see it, because we get busy.

We also have fun!

So look for a group of believers that you would like to join. It might be scary at first, but visit a group 3 times before you decide that this group is not for you. The first visit may just be a bad day for the group. Or your opinion might be colored by your nervousness.

Read the next lesson before the class. (homework. LOL) This really helps with my nervousness.

If you forget. It doesn’t really matter. You will find that most people don’t read the material ahead of class. In my opinion, this is sad because they miss out on God’s blessings. But to each their own. At least they are there! And these people are some of my dearest friends.

If you are not in a Bible Study Group, you are missing out.

Reach out.

Find one.

Join one.

or more than one.

And have fun!

Love you,


(  Why do we need Bible study?

Apart from God Himself, one of the greatest gifts God gave us is the word of God. It is imperative for the believer to know his bible because we are in a spiritual battle in a world that denies that God exists, that the devil exists, and that Hell is real. We will lose the battle if we do not seek the Lord with all our hearts and use the spiritual tools God has………….

Below the article is a list of several Bible studies that you can look into if you need a little structure in your time with the Lord. Or if you would like to hear other people’s answers to the questions that are posed in these Bible studies. I have NOT gone through these studies, so I do NOT know what they say. You MUST read carefully and compare to the Bible and come to your own conclusion.

Oh, Click on “the Article” to get to the rest of the article and the list of Bible studies that they recommend.