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Do Your Emotions Control You? 5 Signs That They Don’t Or

By on September 15, 2015

Phillip talks about the difference between Emotions and Feelings. I have not heard these definitions put quite that way before. It was enlightening.

The 5 Signs which Show that our Emotions No Longer Control Us are a good checklist to see where you fall on the scale, and if you might want to attend some CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Theory) Workshops or DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)  training to help you move from emotional living to thought filled, peaceful living. I have done both and they do help. And they are not just for people with severe problems. I think everyone could benefit from some training.  Alexa

By Phillip J Watt (The Mind Unleashed) We’ve all suffered emotionally throughout our lives. Similarly, we’ve all experienced trauma, regardless to what degree it personally manifested. Yet once we become an adult, each and every one of us has the responsibility to alleviate our suffering and redesign our mind into a more functional and healthy state of existence.

When we’re born, we’re forced through environmental conditioning which will always have both its positives and negatives. Our greatest influences are generally our parents, followed by our peers. This ‘programming’ is also deeply embedded in the societal and cultural paradigms of our time.

When we enter into our early teens we begin to question who we are and the world around us with greater veracity. If our energy or inner fire strongly conflicts with how we’ve been ‘taught’ to live, then we’ll rebel heavily. In contrast, if we’ve been given respectful discipline and realistic information by our parents, as well as a really good opportunity to independently explore and create how we think and behave, then we’re less likely to….

Read on to see the definitions of emotions and feelings, and to see his 5 sign, click here.