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Does Your Overthinking Sabotage Your Creative Processes?

By on September 23, 2015

Sometimes mine does. It brings me to a halt because I go in too many directions, or I come up with too many reasons why it will not work instead of reasons why to do it.

What to do to get around ‘paralysis by analysis’ is also discussed in this article.

When to stop thinking and give it a break. What kind of a break?

Keep reading to get help.


by Christopher Bergland ( 

There is an ongoing debate about the differences between the function of the “left brain” and “right brain.” Since the late 20th century, many experts, thought leaders, and the general public have believed the myth that the right hemisphere of the cerebrum (link is external) (Latin for brain) is the seat of creative thinking. For over a decade, I’ve had my antennae up for research which illustrates that the right brain alone is not responsible for creativity. I’m excited to share new findings on this topic with you here.

My father, Richard Bergland, was a neuroscientist and neurosurgeon who was partly responsible for advancing the “left brain-right brain” model. For example, he was the scientific consultant for Betty Edwards’ bestselling book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. He also wrote extensively about left brain-right brain in his book The Fabric of Mind (Viking).

Later in his life, my dad regretted that he had pushed so hard to advance the right hemisphere of the cerebrum as the seat of creativity. When my father died in 2007, I made a vow that I would pick up the torch representing his ideas and do my best to set the record straight in his honor.

“Unclamping” Your Intellectual Machinery Unleashes Creativity

Ultimately, every region of your brain works in concert to optimize the creative potential of your mind. That said, having simple split-brain models and paradigms that create an easily visualized framework for deconstructing how the mind and brain work is helpful.

Based on my father’s influence, I created a new split-brain model that emphasizes the…..

To finish reading the article and get ideas on how to unleash your creativity, Click here. 


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