If you’re here you probably already have a good idea that our food system is messed up. And if you’ve had your eyes open in America you’ll have noticed that many us are not in the best shape physically. Most of us who have made these observations tend to pay the most attention to how food affects ourselves or our loved ones. That’s beautiful and utterly important but this article goes a few steps further than that. Here I lay out a simple guide on how to eat healthy not only for yourself but also for the earth, the other creatures and animals we share the earth with, as well as all the other people who call this planet home.

I’m not going to cover the why so much here as the how.   But for those that want to learn more about our screwed up industrial food system I’ve included a little resource section at the bottom of the article.

This guide is designed to help you eat in a healthy manner, reduce your environmental impact, and eat ethically. It also stands to save you a lot of money.   I’m very dedicated to leading by a positive environmental and social manner and have gone to great personal depths to do so. With this guide you can take it as far as you want. You can follow it to the depths that I do or you can practice it more moderately. The more you adapt into your life the healthier you’ll be and the more……….

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He lists 12 ways to look at healthy eating and buying that I can really relate to. I can’t do all of them but I truly respect him because he does.

If I were his mother, I would worry about him. The no bath thing is a little too much for me. People got sick in the old days because of things like that.

My niece got sick with a high fever without AC one summer. The outside temperature was over 100 and so was her temp. No AC, no ice, no electricity, no insurance for a doctor and no way to call her family. Her boyfriend literally picked her up, put her in his car and took her to his parent’s house and nursed her to health. Now that is a good friend.

People in the “good old days” used to die from things like that.