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Failure? 5 Ways To Get Back On Track Afterwards

By on March 19, 2016

What is Failure?

Everyone has a definition.

Ever thought of changing it?

Maybe that is too hard, so read the article below and change more easily.


by Steven Aitchison  (

You failed your driving test. Your marriage just fell apart. You had to close up your business. You lost your job for whatever reason. They all point to one thing. Failure. Or I should say, what the majority of people like to consider failure. Why can’t everything just be perfect? Why can’t like go exactly the way we think it should?

No one likes to fail at anything. I mean, what would the neighbours think, right? We try something, like a new business, we put all our blood guts and glory into it only to have to close it up after a year. Now what? Now everybody is going to start talking about how big of a failure we are and how stupid we are. Oh yes, people love to talk.

So how do we ignore all that and get back on track after we failed at something?

1. Change your words.

First and foremost, change that word, failure. You didn’t fail at anything. You had an idea, you tried it, it sucked, you crashed and it’s done now. That’s called having drive and determination, putting effort into something and learning. You learned something new. You didn’t fail. You did something most people only think about doing. Try something else tomorrow.


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