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Find Your Upside To Feeling Down

By on September 14, 2015

Happiness is great but there is a reason for your blues. So use them to help yourself.

This article is great for helping you look at feelings and why you have them. It groups feelings together:

  1. Anger
  2. Shame, Guilt, Embarrassment
  3. Envy and Jealousy
  4. Fear and Anxiety
  5. Regret and Disappointment
  6. Confusion, Frustration, Boredom
  7. Sadness and Grief

Under each of these, there is an example and reason why these are good for you. The article explains how these emotions can help us to get back to the way we want to feel. Now if you want to stay stuck in one of these, then that is your choice.

If you are stuck and can’t get out, then stick with me and I will be coming out with some more techniques and strategies to fight and stay out of discouragement.

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Then, as we go along, I will introduce to you the things that keep me motivated and out of the crushing depression that I described in my about me page. 

Meanwhile enjoy this article about why negative emotions are our friends.

by Matthew Hutson (Psychology Today) Negative emotions do us a great favor: They save us from ourselves. They’re signals urging us to change what we’re doing—and they’re actually necessary for feeling good .

No one questions the value of feeling good. In fact, it seems that for the past 20 years, everyone in America has been on a relentless quest for a blue-sky state of mind, in pursuit of permanent residence on the spectrum between contentment and ecstasy.

Feeling bad is another matter entirely. Emotions that generate unpleasant feelings have been called sins (wrath, envy), shunned in polite interaction (jealousy, frustration), or identified as unhealthy (sadness, shame). We suppress them, medicate them, and berate ourselves for feeling them.

Because such feelings are aversive, they are often called “negative” emotions, although “negative” is a misnomer. Emotions are not inherently positive or negative. They are distinguished by much more than whether they feel good or bad. Beneath the surface, every emotion orchestrates a complex suite of changes in motivation, physiology, attention, perception, beliefs, and behaviors: sweating, laughing, desiring revenge, becoming optimistic, summoning specific memories. Each component of every emotion has a critical job to do—whether it’s……

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