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Jesus Freak

If the title of this page offends you, then read the other pages. They have a wealth of good information that will not offend you.

Yes, I am a Jesus Freak. Did you read that book? I like the title better than the book to be honest. I still have it though. LOL

On this page I will be sharing my journey of finding Him and putting myself under His wing. It is a daily thing that I try and sometimes fail at. I will try to be open and honest. Transparent. That may be hard at times also. I am a very private person naturally but I feel that we need to share our triumphs to build up the body of Christ. That is in the Bible somewhere.

If you have any ideas about what you would like to see on this page, feel free to comment. I like to research ideas and things. I will be checking frequently.

I want this to be a sanctuary of beautiful ideas and a place to go for solace and uplifting. Help me to keep it that way with your comments please.


Later, I will be opening a member’s only FB page for us Christians so that we can share without judgement. I hope you will join me.