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Mindfully Experiencing and Reducing Pain

By on August 21, 2015
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Many times I have been asked to tell people about my pain and I shrink from it. I block out my pain daily. It hurts. Why would I want to feel it? My Dr. will ask me, where does it hurt, and I will have to think about it. It hurts everywhere. Fibromyalgia. Migraines. IBS. TMP. to name a few.

My shrink has done mindful exercises and I have been in meditation practices where they want you to experience your body and I resist it. I don’t want to feel the pain. This article explains very well, why and how to use the experience of feeling the pain, to reduce the pain. That is worth the experience. Read it. Then do it, and experience the results for yourself.

by Steven Flowers, M.F.T. ( Pain is our most immediate experience at birth and accompanies us through life in its many forms and expressions. We all respond as best as we can and learn many ways to cope, but if physical pain remains chronic and intractable even though we are doing all we can and receiving the best medical interventions available, we may still be able to help ourselves more than anyone else can by practicing mindfulness.

The practice of Mindfulness Meditation is based on observing rather than controlling and this applies to how we cope with pain as well as all other things. You might say its showing up for whatever is happening. As pain is a part of living we do what we can to relate to it with as much awareness and skill as possible, observing it with as little judgment and with as much curiosity as we can. In practice this involves opening up to….

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