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Multitasking: Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

By on September 10, 2015
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She tells us why multitasking is bad and includes “5 Steps to Taking Back Control.”

It is worth reading.  Alexa

by Tris Thorp (

One Thing at a Time: How to End the Negative Cycle of Multitasking

Tackling one task or activity at a time has become a rare practice in a world that seems to place greater value on multitasking, much to the detriment of exhausted people everywhere.

Most of us are hustling from the moment our feet touch the floor in the morning until we drop onto the sofa or into our bed at night. The busyness of today’s world has us in meetings, chasing deadlines, and juggling multiple projects all day, every day. The to-do lists are only getting longer. We’re constantly on call and on the go. It’s a pervasive problem with no end in sight; people seem to constantly bring up how swamped they are.

A New Kind of Competition

Busyness has become a competition of sorts, with people jockeying for status on who works the longest hours, has the highest number of unopened emails, or the most demanding project deadlines.
Multitasking might seem like a worthwhile skill set to develop. Maybe you’ve experienced the high that follows a day of successful juggling. That feeling is only temporary. Multitasking produces an aggressive motivation to accomplish more so that we feel better about ourselves. There seems to be an underlying belief that if we get more done in less time, it means we’re smarter, more competent, and more successful. The problem with this approach is that, while we may……..

Click here to finish reading and to get to her “5 Steps to Taking Back Control.”


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