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My Sister’s Road To Recovery. She’s my Hero.

By on September 15, 2015
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A strong woman falls and yet,

the weak sister picks her up.

One women’s perspective shattered,

but found everything that mattered.

Stronger than before.


by Amy Lundquist-Stachowiak (elephant journal) 

Watching my sister fall apart was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through.

It rivals my own cancer diagnosis with equal fear.

She was the one who has always been strong and always had her ducks in a row, the one who was financially stable, fiercely intelligent, and more physically capable then anyone I had ever known.

That is my sister.

Little did I know about the quiet chaos inside of her, the demons that plagued her mind and spirit. I saw her eyes change slowly, her spirit silently tuck itself away behind some long lost memory. I watched her drink and drink and then maybe drink some more.

I watched her put on a song and dance for the world around her until she just couldn’t do it anymore.

After she moved in with me, I could clearly see the changes in her personality. I could see her pain and fear, I watched her try to mask it with medication and alcohol. The charismatically passionate woman that had carried me through so many of my own trials was slowly fading away. She would retreat to her basement room and read or listen to music, she would try to work out or organize, she would do anything but be alone with her thoughts.

She stopped sleeping, stopped being the person I knew…her pieces were falling apart.


Then came the night I woke up and found her at my kitchen table, smile on her face and drink in hand. A quick hey and a smirk, I sat down beside her. We talked, about nothing, stuff and things. Her eyes were red, I could see the tears she was holding back and I said, “What’s wrong?”

So many times in life we ask questions, seemingly simple questions. I have learned over time that they are not always so simple—we must be prepared for any answer.

How many times do we ask someone how they are? Are we prepared for……..

Please continue reading this touching story of truth and bravery. Click Here. 


My Sister, My Saviour. | elephant journal


Image:Meg Cheng at Flickr  

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