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Neuroscientist and Buddhist

By on February 20, 2016
lead_large Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Dalai Lama Suggests Study on Compassion

I love it when it all comes together!

Spiritual, Physical and Mental

Science steps up to check it out and you can see what they find, when compassion is studied in the brain when meditating.

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by Kathy Gilsinan (The


In 1992, the neuroscientist got a challenge from the Dalai Lama. By that point, he’d spent his career asking why people respond to, in his words, “life’s slings and arrows” in different ways. Why are some people more resilient than others in the face of tragedy? And is resilience something you can gain through practice?

The Dalai Lama had a different question for Davidson when he visited the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader at his residence in Dharamsala, India. “He said: ‘You’ve been using the tools of modern neuroscience to study depression, and anxiety, and fear. Why can’t you use those same tools to study kindness and compassion?’ … I did not have a very good answer. I said it was hard.”

The Dalai Lama was interested in what the tools of modern neuroscience could reveal about the brains of…..

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