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New Study: Probiotics Affect Mood

By on August 18, 2015
Probiotics-and-mood (2)

Can this really be true? It is a small study but worth watching. Our bodies do affect our ability to handle situations and therefore our mood. This study shows…. Well, I will let you read for yourself.

by Dr. David Perlmutter  (
Probiotic Intervention Affects Mood

New and exciting research is revealing a strong connection between our mood and the various bacteria that live within our intestines. This is certainly a sobering notion. Think of it: the bacteria living within the digestive system are, to some degree, involved in determining whether we are happy, sad, anxious or even depressed.

In a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, researchers in the Netherlands explored the idea that changing the array of bacteria in the gut by giving a multispecies probiotic supplement could have an effect on mood. The study provided the probiotic to 20 healthy individuals, none of whom had a mood disorder, over a four week period. A similar group of 20 individuals received a placebo over the same period. At the conclusion of the study, both groups underwent an evaluation to determine their reactivity, in terms of cognitive function, to sad mood. This is a fairly standard research tool that assesses depression.

The researchers demonstrated a significant…….

Dr. Permutter wrote more and you can read it.  click here.