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Personal Growth Takes Courage

By on February 19, 2016
Sea glass background © Gretchen L. Schmelzer, PhD 2014

Become Sea Glass

I hope I age like fine wine.

Getting better with time.

I know that I am never going to have the beauty that I had when I was 20 but I don’t want that any more.

I look at people and search for their inward beauty and I hope mine shows through.

Don’t take me wrong.

I take care of myself.

You should, too.

Take care of yourself, inside and out.

Get strong, inside and out.

See what Gretchen says about this in her article below and then leave me a comment. Please.

by  (

Many years ago in my psychology training I had the idea that as the years went by I would get better at what I did and it would all feel more polished, more perfect, more decisive. I had a picture of me finishing my training all bright and shiny. But what happened was that instead of bright and shiny I became more and more like sea glass.

Sea glass is beautiful. Everyone loves sea glass, and everyone wants to find sea glass, but no one wants to become sea glass. It is worn and shaped by the forces around it. It is beautiful because of what it has endured. The original colors change, but become something even more beautiful. But sea glass is never bright and shiny. It is not perfect glass. In fact, it is broken glass—the furthest thing from perfect.

In my training I had my rough edges worn away from the hours and people and experience. And mostly my mistakes. Hundreds and hundreds of mistakes. Things I should have said and things I shouldn’t have said. Thousands of hours of good intentions and hundreds and hundreds of misses and repairs. Years of training had my heart become softer and my thinking less definitive. It was nothing I could have imagined when I began, and yet as I headed out into my career I was grateful.

Sea glass isn’t like regular glass. It is sturdy. It no longer breaks easily. The only way to become sea glass is to….

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