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Productive or Just Active?

By on December 16, 2015
John Assaraf

Highly Successful People Do.. 3 Things

John always has something to help me get motivated.

His help is concrete and worthwhile yet he doesn’t waste my time with extra fluff.

This is especially good for sales people.

I come back to his videos to remind myself so make sure you book mark this page is you want to do the same.

Keep Positive and Moving Forward. Alexa

PS is below the video.

Are you ACTIVE or PRODUCTIVE? Let me explain the difference.

Posted by John Assaraf on Sunday, May 3, 2015

PS: I listen to John’s audios several times a week. This is a link to more information about the one that I use. Yes, I do get a kickback if you purchase. I will not lie to you.

You will get good information from the video, even if you do not purchase, so it is good to listen to, if you have the time.