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Radiation Questions?

By on December 9, 2015

My friend Alisa found this website that can answer questions you might have about radiation.

The kind we get from x-rays or from your laptop or phone for example. Are they harmful?

This site is not too difficult to read and has a lot of the answers you might be seeking. It is run by scientists and I have been told that it is reliable.

Look around the site and tell me what you think in the comment section below.


Here is a short intro from the site:
Small amounts of radioactive materials can be found in our bodies, in products we use daily, in the ground, in building materials, and in outer space. They are a natural part of our everyday life. We commonly find radiation devices such as x-ray machines in a hospital or at the airport. We use radiation mainly for its beneficial purposes such as in medicine to diagnose disease, in industry to generate electricity, and in smoke detectors to make our homes safe.

Here are a few areas to check out:
Types of Radiation
Radiation Exposure
Detecting & Measuring
Radiation & Me
Click here to get to the website.

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