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Scars and Wounds

By on September 19, 2015
Scar Tissue 4983855272_a6b1ff80d3_m Scar Tissue by Martin Neuhof on

Don’t let your scars and wounds control your life. Giving them to Jesus is a choice. Yes, sometimes we have to give them back time and time again. It may take a long time to heal but it takes shorter time with Jesus’s help.

My problem right now is loneliness. Grief has passed for the most part but the loneliness remains.

I have to remember that God’s timing is perfect.

He understands and also sees the big picture.


I did not understand that when I was gripping about it and making myself unhappy, I was really saying to God that I didn’t trust that He would take care of it. Wow, I was not trusting God. I was not believing that He is almighty??

I had to ask myself if that was true.

Do you have a problem that you are complaining about? Not trusting God to take care of.

Give it to God again.

And Again.

Ask Him to fix it and then let Him know that you will accept the answer. And that you know the answer may not be what you want it to be but you know that His answer WILL BE BETTER than you could ever Dream because He knows Everything.

Release it to Him.

Each and every time it comes to mind.

Before you have a chance to complain and you Will be happier.

Blessings to you, My Friend.


Oh, here is the devotion, I wanted to share. LOL

by Charles R. Swindoll (

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Scripture is a verse containing much emotion: “From the city men groan, and the souls of the wounded cry out” (Job 24:12).

The scene is a busy metropolis. Speed. Movement. Noise. Rows of buildings. All that is obvious, easily seen and heard by the city dweller.

But there is more. Behind and beneath the loud splash of human activity there are invisible aches. Job calls them “groans.” That’s a good word. The Hebrew term enlarges it as it suggests that this groan comes from one who has been wounded. Perhaps that’s the reason Job adds the next line in poetic form, “the souls of the wounded cry out.” In that line, “wounded” comes from a term that means “pierced.” But he is not referring to a physical stabbing, for it is “the soul” that is crying out.

You may be “groaning” because you have been misunderstood or treated unfairly. The wound is deep because the blow came from one whom you trusted and respected. It’s possible that hurt was brought on by someone’s stabbing remark. People are saying things that simply are not true, but to step in and set the record straight would be unwise or inappropriate. So you stay quiet . . . and bleed. Perhaps a comment was made only in passing, but it pierced you deeply.

Others of you are living with the……..

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