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Sleep – A Waste of Time?

By on November 27, 2015

Evidence Suggests That Sleep May Enhance Creativity

Authors,  Robert Lawrence Kuhn and John Leslie talk to scientists about the need for sleep. It is not only a need for the physical body but a need for the mind.

Our mind is working during sleep to creatively work through things. 2 Nobel Prizes have been contributed to during dreams according to their discoverers. This is fantastic news.

This article has several links to other articles on this subject so it is a good place to start if you are curious about sleep, dreams and their usefulness.

Enjoy this video and the article below it.  Alexa

by Robert Lawrence Kuhn and John Leslie (

All my life I’ve been entranced by the brain. (I did a doctorate in brain research, and although I’ve done other things since, my passion for neuroscience and its implications has not dimmed). The brain is the mechanism by which we perceive the world — it’s the most sophisticated organization of matter in the universe (as far as we know); it’s matter aware of itself. Dreaming and sleeping, I suspect, are deep clues to human physiology and psychology. [7 Mind-Bending Facts About Dreams]

Start with sleep. When I’m tired, sleep is natural; but from an evolutionary perspective, sleep should be unexpected. To spend 6 to 8 hours a day unconscious — totally out — would make one vulnerable to pre-procreation death, an easy mark for hungry predators or social enemies. The ancient world was violent and brutish. Why, then, did evolution select for creatures that needed to sleep?

As for dreams, they have always mystified. All manner of folklore and superstition have arisen from dreams, as have innumerable religious experiences and perhaps whole religions. Some claim, even today, that dreams are windows into higher realities.

Sometimes sleep scares me. To go unconscious — to pass from being to nonbeing — seems astonishing. It’s not that I fret not awaking up. It’s that I’m awe-struck by the blankness before waking up, the sheer nothingness of my unconsciousness (in non-dream sleep). I’m obsessed by the mystery of consciousness, the opposite of blankness and nothingness. How does such subjective inner awareness come about?

One way to explore the mystery of consciousness is to investigate its absence, and sleep, in a sense, is the absence of consciousness. Another way is to examine altered states of consciousness — such as dreams. What might sleeping and dreaming reveal about…..

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