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Tell the Truth With Love

By on September 17, 2015

Truth can Hurt. I used to avoid arguments but I am learning to communicate my truths with love. That way I can be myself. I am finding that people like the real me.

This transparency is difficult at times.

I originally thought that meant that people could hurt me because I was leaving myself open. This is not true. I still decide how I react to what they say.

When I truly communicate, then you can truly communicate with me and it is beautiful. We can get beyond our differences.

The reason I want to communicate is because I care and I am learning how to do so without expectations of how they should react or what I think they should do. That way I am not disappointed.  This shift in my friendships has put a lot more peace in our lives. Especially when they treat me the same way.

Try it and see. Alexa Harrelson

Meanwhile, listen to: 

Kute Blackson”s Video and read his article (  The truth serves everyone even though it may not seem that way at first.

The truth will set you free even though it might piss you off at first and feel uncomfortable.

Speaking your honest authentic truth takes real courage and commitment.

Speaking your truth is a real spiritual practice.

As children we may have learned that there were painful consequences when we spoke our truth. Our parents got upset, we got in trouble, we weren’t so popular.

So we learned to hide what we really felt in order to be liked, please others, fit in, not rock the boat, or create a scene and avoid confrontation.

Sometimes we are afraid to share how we really feel with another because we are afraid of what they might think, afraid of hurting them, or the potential ramifications of what we share and the changes it may cause to our current lives.

However, holding back your honest truth doesn’t serve anyone. Holding back truth creates compromise, contraction and more conflict. Holding back truth often leads to more problems and time wasted down the road.

When you withhold truth you close a part of your heart and in doing so you block the flow of your love. Withholding truth will drain you of energy, as it takes energy to suppress. Speaking your truth will free you and generate more vibrant aliveness.

It is in sharing your deepest truth with another that you create the space for potentially more love and freedom.

Withholding truth creates a distance between you and other people. Whether you’re aware of it or not, it impacts your relationships.

When you speak your deepest truth from the heart, it can often bring you closer, leading to deeper intimacy and connection.

Authentic communication leads to…….

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