Forget everything you learned in school about the brain. New science says you can change your brain throughout your entire life.

This is called neuroplasticity, which is the capacity of the brain to change with learning… very focused learning.

And whether you’re 25 or 80, your brain can be transformed.

As a Cognitive Behavior Therapist, I speak a lot about limiting beliefs and mindset. So, when I started researching brain-based therapy and learned that your mind and brain are one, I was intrigued and fascinated.

This changed everything for me because when I explain the power of positive thinking to my clients, many times they need a “guarantee.” As we all know, there is no guarantee. However, now I can share a new theory: thoughts carve neural pathways in the brain.

When you think a negative thought over and over, you are literally carving a pathway in the brain that keeps you believing the thought is true.

When you decide to think something new or change a behavior, you start carving a new pathway and over time this new pathway replaces the old one. Finally, science and self-help come together.

Neuroscientist Carla Shatz summarized that “neurons that fire together wire together.” This provides great hope that by altering experience, you can alter neuronal structure.

The other theory is “use it or lose it.” Let’s compare this to weight lifting. If someone is trying to grow their biceps, they would learn to do bicep exercises, specifically targeted to build strength in the bicep.

Once the muscle is built, it doesn’t stay that way unless there is continued resistance training. If the weight lifting ends, the muscle atrophies. The same applies to the brain, when you quit learning, you quit…………

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