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Vitamin C for Anxiety

By on September 20, 2015
Fruit eating-405521_640 Photo by Robert Karkowski on Pixabay

In short, vitamin C helps with anxiety. Average heart rates were different after only 14 days, also.

Study was very short though. and small. Worthy of attention, though.

Happy reading. Alexa

Abstract Authors -Ivaldo Jesus Lima de Oliveira, Victor Vasconcelos de Souza, Vitor Motta, Sérgio Leme Da-Silva

Vitamin C plays an important therapeutic role for anxiety but also Vitamin C ascorbic acid) is a well-known antioxidant that is involved in anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue and mood state in humans. Studies have suggested that oxidative stress may trigger neuropsychological disorders. Antioxidants may play an important therapeutic role in combating the damage caused by oxidative stress in individuals that suffer from anxiety. In this context, it was hypothesized that oral vitamin C supplementation would reduce anxiety. However, few up to date studies have evaluated the consequences of oral vitamin C supplementation on anxiety in humans. The present study examined the effects of oral vitamin C supplements in……

Read the rest of the Abstract here.

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